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Our Capabilities

What has MediaMix been doing for the last 30 years?

• Corporate video • Training video • Educational video • Commercials •
• Promotional video • Pharmaceutical video • CME •

And more
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Video production in Studio A


Especially relevant, it was observed that within 72 hours, only 10% of what is read or heard is retained by subjects. But when adding video into the mix, the retention jumps to 68%.

  • Cast/Crew
  • Equipment
  • Location Services
  • Makeup
  • Video/Photography
  • Catering/Craft Services
  • Behind‐The‐Scenes
  • EPK Production
  • DIT Services
  • Mixing
  • Client Review
  • DVD Authoring
  • Compositing
  • Titles/Motion Graphics
  • Sound Design
  • Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Animation
  • Digital Effects

Green screen shoot in Studio A at MediaMixAlso known as a chroma key, green screen offers a lot of flexibility with visuals and budget. Location imagery, graphics, products, or video are some examples of what can be placed behind your talent.

What can you use green screen for?

• Animation
• Product demonstration
• PowerPoint
• Text or titling
• Location imagery
• Graphics
• Much more

Live webcasting a multi-camera shoot to the world by MediaMix at a hotelWebcast your meeting, event, or discussion live or on-demand to audiences large or small and to locations nearby or around the world. What if that’s just not enough? Make it interactive with audience polling questions, downloadable content, and a Q&A. All of this is available on desktop and most mobile devices. Security measures like geo-fencing and participant log-in are available to fit your company-specific needs.

Check out a demonstration of our Webcast Pro software.

Photography in Studio A at MediaMixIn our studio or at your location. Maybe you’d prefer a natural background like your office or board room? Perhaps a patterned or clean backdrop is what you need. Go with green screen and you decide what the background is.

Audio recording at MediaMixOur audio control room is outfitted with a 24-channel Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2. console and a 46-inch display which is patched into our control room. Record narration for video or radio, PowerPoint, or a weekly podcast. Bring in your own VO artist or let us help you find the perfect voice. Use our in-house technologies like Skype or Gentner phone system which allow you to include participants locally or around the world.

  • Wired and wireless microphones
  • IFB for discreetly speaking to talent on the set
  • RTS for communicating with crew
  • Gentner phone system for multiple-caller patching to the studio
  • Remote call-in recording
  • Phone call recording
  • Skype recording
  • Multi-track recording
  • Editing
  • Voice-over

Live event support by MediaMixNot only can we live stream or record your events, but they can benefit from our technology like audience response systems, which can immediately capture and display your attendees answers to polling questions posed throughout your presentation.

Product demonstration in Studio B at MediaMixIt’s clear that the power of video is the most impactful way to engage audiences and support brands. Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year over year than organizations without video.

While you may thing that promoting your product or server though video would be great on your website, don’t stop there. Put it on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest, and user forums. Share, share, share!

Live webcasts for the CME audiences

Produce multi-camera, moderator-led discussions relevant to your educational topics shot on location or in one of our two studios. Use our in-house set or have one custom-built to suit your needs. Your programs can be streamed live, recorded for on-demand, or both.

Capturing employee team building eventsDue to the fact that you company has messages for employees or another company, delivering a clear message is critical for maintaining a prosperous business. Make it easy for your teams to view and distribute the latest information wherever and whenever needed.

Employee communication events recorded with IMAGPresentations, events, conferences, and messages are cost-effectively broadcast via satellite or web to your employees locally or around the world.

Events are streamed live and recorded for on-demand consumption for those who couldn’t watch the live event or for archival purposes.

Executive talking head video on green screen

Address new employees, the sales team, or investors with a clean and simple presentation shot in your office or our studio. Incorporate PowerPoint slides or video from existing material.

Investor relations meetings and presentations streamed live


Enrich the presentation of your quarterly earnings to your investors with a feature-rich webcast, including animated charts and testimonials from the field.

Marketing videos to promote your product or serviceThe combination of audio and video content together is more impactful to consumers than text alone. According to the website, MarketingProfs, 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

Training videosEducate your employees or clients on proper use of new equipment or introduce new ways of selling your products.